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The Master has EXTREMELY flexible morals and as a rule probably doesn't care about your characters. People generally come in three varieties: Temporary allies, obstacles, or food. If your character forms some sort of relationship with him, he'll try to use them to get what he wants. Rarely can anyone earn his respect, but it is possible. If they're in his way, he'll get them out of it however he can. He has no compunction regarding dominating, torturing, or even killing 'lesser species', most notably humans. If he's hungry, he'll try to eat you. The Master as a rule can be pretty triggering in many ways, and I play him with very little compromise.

That said, I don't want to scare anyone off from playing with him. If you would like to do something of a lighter variety, or work on more complex CR with the Master and your character, I am all for it. I like putting him in situations where he has to deal with his own vulnerability, and I like finding him 'friends'. So if you are averse to your character getting hurt, we can still work something out.

Also, if you have a problem with something I've done with the Master, I do want to stress that I don't bite (well, unless bitten first). I would prefer to know and work it out with you rather than find out about it later from someone else. Nothing bugs me more than finding a nasty comment in some anon comm, or getting in trouble because of official complaints when I've heard absolutely nothing from the offended party. Please keep in mind that the Master is a tricky character to play because by his very nature he doesn't play well with others, but I am not the Master and I'd prefer if we all have a good time. So if there's anything we can work out together to make you more comfortable I'd like to try. Now that we've got that out of the way, let's move to the fun stuff.

Rundown of His Crazy Abilities


  • Respiratory bypass system (meaning that it takes much longer to strangle or asphyxiate him)

  • Ability to reverse the effect of certain toxins

  • Superior senses/reflexes

  • Time sensitivity (more aware of the passage of time, can see all possible futures, can tell whether a point in time is 'fixed' or susceptible to influence)

  • Can undergo healing coma if severely damaged

  • Probably figured out how to stop his hearts (if Romana could do it...)

  • Can focus artron energy into a sort of... lightning attack or as propulsion ('flight')

  • Can eat extremely fast, stripping flesh from bone in minutes. Not as fast as a Vashta Nerada swarm, but faster than you can run, let's just put it that way.

  • Can sense/identify other Time Lords

  • Telepathic abilities (sharing, witnessing or wreaking havoc with memories and communicating via 'mind meld'-type contact)

  • Hypnotism (likely a learned skill augmented by telepathy)

Questions for you. Can the Master:

1. Read your mind?
1b. Mess with your mind?
2. Hypnotize you?
3. Hurt you?
3b. Torture you?
4. Kill you?
4b. Try to eat you?
5. Haxor your technologies?
6. Destroy/steal your stuff?
7. Dominate you, sexually or otherwise?
8. Have all some of those fries?

Obviously if you said yes to any of this it doesn't constitute a free pass for me. Anything will have to be agreed to on a per-plot basis. This is just to gather information on what people's specific no-nos are, as well as brainstorm how a plot might work if you were up for it. So let me know what your thoughts are in comments!

What you can conceivably do to the Master, and what it might be like:

Ask first. I'm game, but the Master's not going to be an easy one to read. His mental fortification is fairly strong. I'd say he's much less susceptible to influence or hypnotism, considering he deals in subjecting others to it much of the time.

If you do get in, his mind is very much ordered, although it may make little sense to anyone else. His true thoughts and feelings are buried deep, hidden under not only the ever-present sound of drums (they hurt, and they're loud), but also beneath several well-crafted barriers of his own choosing.

Fourth-walling/Spoiling/Crazy "I just know stuff about you" powers:
In general, go for it! But take the interpretations of some of his actions on those Wiki pages with a grain of salt, and anything that isn't canon in the TV show should be run by me first because I don't subscribe to all the conflicting book/audio canon out there.

Things that are usually okay to sense include his species characteristics, and the drums. For plotting purposes I'd rather not have it really obvious he's a bad guy or that he's up to something specific unless we discuss things first. Vague feelings of dread are A-OK.

Nothing is off-limits to bring up with him personally, but the Master probably won't appreciate inquiry regarding his past relationship with the Doctor. Or his time as a human. So you've been warned there, but if you're up for making him upset go for it :D

If your character comes from a point in time beyond the Master's, feel free to spoil him on future events. I'm not even kidding. The Master would want to know anyway. He doesn't care about that pesky causality. This is moot at the moment, but who knows what the Moff will do next.

Physical harm
Oh, please hurt him. Please please please. I tend to be ridiculously easy in regards to this. I may even let you torture or kill him if you ask nice.

The stuff from the fourth-walling/I just know stuff section applies here. Feel free to spy on him, but I'd like a heads-up if your character is about to discover anything that can wreck his plans or cause suspicion.

As for hacking private messages, I can guarantee the Master's not going to let that happen if he can help it. He's careful, and smart, and brilliant with tech. If you think you have a character who can out-tech the Master (like, maybe the Doctor) tell me and we can discuss it.

Generally okay with this, although if the character is threadhopping in to wreck the conversation I'd appreciate a heads-up so we can work out what both of us are comfortable with happening.


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